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Thinking about new business owners, or if you already have your company, our staff of attorneys and account consultants the best advantages in:

Know about nonprofit corporation.

nonprofit corporation (“NPC”, or “non-profit” or “not-for-profit” or non-stock ) is a corporation whose primary objective is to support an issue or matter of private interest or public concern for non-commercial purposes. Nonprofits may be involved in an innumerable range of areas relating to the arts, charities, education, politics, religion (churches), research, sports or some other endeavor.

In the United States, nonprofit organizations are normally formed by incorporating in the state in which they expect to do business. The act of incorporating creates a legal entity enabling the organization to be treated as a corporation under law and to enter into business dealings, form contracts, and own property as any other individual or for-profit corporation may do.

Know how to create a nonprofit corporation.
Know about non-US citizen incorporation plans.
Our International Plan includes:
Know about Limited Liability Companies.
A Limited Liability Company is not a corporation, but it offers many of the same advantages. Many small business owners and entrepreneurs prefer this type of entity because it combines the limited liability protection of a corporation with the “pass through”” taxation of a sole proprietorship or partnership.
Create a Limited Liability Company.
"C" corporation: what is it and how you can start one.
"S" corporation: what is it and how you become one of them.
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